Day 2 of the Long Lonely Stint has been attacked with a busy day at work followed by an evening of feeling out.
Work was fun with lots of laughter amongst the hard work, even if I was very tired. Well 2 days in a row is tough hehehe, and I was up at 05-00 to take my long walk to the bus.
The evening was great as we had our climactic showdown with zombies and a nasty denizen of Cthulhu. Now usually when heading off to such things your characters pack as many shotguns and explosives/grenades as possible. After all you’ve just spent most of the adventure sifting through my melting clues to lead you to the showdown. All the characters write their wills and become at peace with the prospect of the fatal meeting to come.
But of course we’re making things harder, because it’s Cthulhu by gaslight. This means were in Victorian times when easily portable small explosives and pump action shotguns weren’t so readily available. It is seriously detrimental to your characters health having to reload after 2 shots. Still we made it trough to the end with only 1 character fatality and another one completely insane by the experience – strangely enough the thing finally pushed that character over edge wasn’t a near death personal experience with zombies (they were at -1 hit points for a short while!), it was seeing another member of the party being crushed by the (ever present I. Cthulhu) giant tentacle πŸ™‚
Obviously my working class hero character (he’s the only working class character in a party of educated aristocrats/toffs, in fact he’s the servant to one if the other characters), was suitably heroic. He managed to got hand to hand for 4 rounds with 3 zombies (an artful dodger!) before eventually despairing them with well placed uppercuts. But he also dodged perfectly the soon to be fatal to another party member Tentacle of Doom. This dodge was one of those “if you don’t make this dice roll, the character is dead beyond doubt”. I made the pressure roll, I was on fire tonight πŸ™‚
Our party even managed to persuade an NPC to join us for the showdown, though they couldn’t handle what they witnessed. My suggestion that the NPC could basically used as ablative armour if the need arose was met with mostly disapproving looks πŸ˜€
It was a truly epic role playing session, with both my character and his employer providing much merriment for all. In fact at one point we both feel under suspicion as the bad guys behind the monstrousness going on, but that’s only because we both play rogue class characters so well πŸ™‚

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire