Well, to be honest that’s come as a surprise to me, this is the 2 year anniversary of my humble little musings. Wow! I always chuckle when I think back that it started out as a way of me trying to make sense of a medical condition. Hence the poisoner part, as I was undergoing tests to discover if I was allergic to Gluten, turns out I was and I’d been poisoning myself for years.
First I’ll get the not so good bit out of the way, as earlier in the week I promised to divulge a piece of news. Well a divorce petition came through from the little ones mother. Now don’t worry I’m not cut up about it or anything. To be honest I couldn’t give the proverbial flying fornication for her. I only care about my kids (and even where they’re concerned she can’t even manage to do the sensible and decent thing, but true colours come out don’t they, in this case a greedy, dishonest an arrogant sickly shade of green). I did initially serve a divorce petition, but couldn’t afford to push it through. Although she and the scumbag former friend that I took I to my house and offered a place of safety during a “bad time” for himself did admit the adultery, the piece of trash she had been sleeping with from her workplace didn’t respond. I did manage to politely collar on the phone once and outlined to him that he should man up and do the decent thing, but he didn’t. In fact that reminds me, I really must send that message off to his long term fiancé outlining exactly what he got up to, just in case she wasn’t aware that it was going on when they were together.
So the crappy part is the work of pure fiction that has been put down as the reason. Apparently I’m a bully ad prevented her from seeing the children, it also states separately and erroneously that she left the matrimonial house alone and I refused access to the children. That’s odd because there’s a legal document detailing exactly what happened when she left with my children. She also cites that I expected her to recover from depression within 2 weeks and neglected to care for her during this time. The real story is that I cared not only for her and our children at that time, but also the scumbag I’d taken into our house (providing free food and lodgings for him, and preventing him from being sectioned under the mental health act), making sure everybody ate, ad taking myself off to work so that she could stay home alone with him all day. Of course after 2 weeks I did on 1 evening set the bedroom up with all of her favourite things and have her favourite songs playing quietly, I then provided her an hours complete peace and writing equipment, and just asked we to write down whatever she felt. This was apparently me being unreasonable. Of course we all really know that reason for her “depression” was that she had spent the better part of a year being unfaithful – and that stuff eats away at you. Sure enough after it all came out the “depression” miraculously vanished 🙂 Now these area just my bitter rantings there are many independent witnesses who can attest to this, and at no point in the relationship was I ever bullying!!!!!!!!!
So anyway that’s the rant out of the way 🙂
It’s even a good day today, I’ve spent it in the company of Aiden and it’s been none stop chuckles. He has such an awesome laugh and I’ve had the pleasure of hearing it virtually non stop during the day. It did go for a short while when we went to get Paige from school, but that’s because I needed to use the push chair for him due to the constant rain we had – it’s not really possible for me to manage carrying him and keep him dry at the same time. So on the way back from school he got more than a little frustrated at being in the push chair and we had a mini meltdown. Nothing I couldn’t handle though 😀
Finally this evening I let them both open a package that a friend of mine had posted to me. It was full of Lego figures (& 2 gluten free chocolate bars!!!!) for them to have, sometimes people do unexpected things that completely restore your faith in humanity 🙂
Well that’s the end of the 2 year anniversary post, lets see if I can manage to clock up another full cycle of the sun with this blog 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire