Well despite a very disturbed nights sleep thanks to his cough, Aiden managed to go to school today, and clocked up his first double! In that following on from his full walk home yesterday he walked all the way to school as well. He even managed this despite the very brief, but heavy, downpour of rain we suffered halfway there. This is literally a big step forward, I’m so proud of him, and of Paige as she’s been instrumental in helping to create games to motivate him 🙂
Once at school we’d been asked to try a different approach to getting him in to class, as apparently he’s been very distracted and overwhelmed going in through the door the rest of his class use (not on my watch I hasten to add). But for consistency I agreed, and I took a chucklesome Aiden round to the “quiet” door when we got there.
By all accounts he had a great day (I don’t know for certain as the daily email have been dropped now as well).
Paige had another Ukulele lesson today and in the lesson they did the bit in the exercise book that Paige and I went through together at the weekend 😉
Well rather sadly it’s the beginning of another Long Lonely Stint now 😦 which starts with 2 days at work to distract me………….

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire