Well the bug hasn’t cleared, so today I’ve kept myself locked away from the world like the plague victim I am. It hasn’t been a very exciting or energetic day (even with the numerous trips to the bathroom). But it was important to rest up and make every effort to beat the bug today, as tomorrow is a work day, ad I don’t get paid for time off, which when you can only work the few days a week I do, has a big impact on your monthly pay :-/
Still I did manage to watch a pretty decent film. It’s an independent British dark comedy called Sigtseers (I’ve purposely not posted a link, lest you are tempted to read and therefore spoil the plot). It’s very darkly funny and well worth a look, especially as such delights as the Crich Tram Museum (I’ve been there!) and the Pencil Museum feature in it 😉
That was pretty much the most exciting thing I managed to do today, other than the washing up. But I’m not about to admit that chore of washing up was high point of my day, lest I become like a character from Sightseers, and we end up in a paradox whereby Life mimics Art………..
Oh finally I did discover this little gem, it’s a speech that my favourite comedian gave at a university recently, it is both funny and philosophical (as most of his work is), click here now enjoy 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire