I’ve been locked away with the little ones all day 🙂 I would have liked to have got outside and done something with them, but we not only had horrendous weather to deal with, but a very tired Aiden as well.
They came to me this morning and we all had a big session of cuddles and chuckles. At around mid morning Aiden just crashed out on the sofa, and stayed there until late afternoon. I did find our from Paige that they were at the paediatricians yesterday for an appointment of Aiden’s, but that the actual doctor turned up very late, meaning they were all thirsty and hungry as they didn’t have any refreshments with them. I can only assume that those were the factors that led him to sleep the day away.
It would be nice to get a break in the driving wind and rain tomorrow so that we can get out for some fresh air, otherwise we’ll have to amuse ourselves inside again :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire