It was a good day at work today, even though due to the office move about it was the first day if our little team being broken up 😦
We did however band together briefly as we’d got a surprise for our outgoing boss, because we wanted them to know how awesome we all thought they were, and it’s nice to let people know they’ve done a gone job. So, we had got then a card and a few small presents. My main contribution was inside the card, I’d come up with an Ode (it didn’t take take me that long, but I like I think that fastidiously writing something everyday, gives me an edge when it comes to sculpting with words). Interestingly I had actually been asked to make it a tearjerker (a request I’ve come across before when required to write something), so I liberally sprinkled it with humour (to set your audience at ease), before ambushing them with a cleverly charged emotional finish. It’s a formula I’ve used a few times now, works everytime. The good point is that it works for the right reasons, and you get happy tears as a result 🙂 Maybe I should consider writing verse for greeting cards as a career change 😀
Aside from all that, I had to be creative with my journey to and from work today, just for fiscally constrained reasons. This meant I had a very long walk and a very socially unacceptable time of day this morning, followed by an equally long walk this evening, and the constant outbreak of hives exacerbating the overheating doesn’t exactly help matters. Still I. The plus side I managed to get work for less than half of the usual cost, which is a substantial win, now as long as the weather doesn’t turn too horrendous I can keep it up.
Finally to finish off my first 24 hours of this Long Lonely Stint, I had a long overdue and very important catchup with my favourite northern people, they’ve been hit by a very unpleasant situation, so it was important to check in with them, even if it’s just jabber inanely with them for a little while, still fingers crossed that things seem to heading in the right way for them.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire