Work was good today, as it usually is 🙂 it looks like I’m going to given a substantial project to sort out, which suits me fine. Especially as it falls well within my previous working background of data and reporting, plus a major requirement is advanced Excel skills, and I like doing that sort of stuff 🙂
It was also decided at work that a few if the guys were going to do a run to a local pizza place for lunch, so everybody got excited and placed their orders for posh cheese on toast (because that’s all pizza is really tee hee). I wasn’t bothered by all this, because of course partaking of pizza is not something I can do. Pizza is like the holy symbol of the cult of Gluten, you struggle to find a more poisonous plate of temptation. Besides I’d already got my lunch, with my special cardboard-esque bread for sandwiches.
However despite my nonchalance, a few people banded around and took offence on my behalf (I’d genuinely not expressed any untoward feelings about the pizza proposal, and even when promoted ensured people I not only couldn’t and didn’t want anything, but that I wasn’t at all bothered by it).
Any way my militant minority got involved with phoning the pizza order through, this resulted in them berating the poor pizza emporium for their total disregard for people with a Gluten intolerance. This rather surreal moment led to a free portion of potato wedges being included, with a guarantee that they were indeed gluten free.
So, I ended up with a free portion of potato wedges to eat, and all with no effort whatsoever from myself. That’s quite nice 🙂
Well that’s day 2 of the Long Lonely Stint done with…………

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire