Following on from last nights epic adventure, everyone was a little tired today, so we didn’t go out anywhere, but we still had loads of fun, and besides it was still pretty wet and miserable outside 🙂
We all settled down to watch a few films and generally lark about. In the morning bath time took the best part of 2 hours and by the end of it Paige had her hair in a plait again. She proudly informed me that it was the best plait I’d ever done. I responded by pointing out that it was the 2nd plait I’d ever done. She then said “yeah I know, and this one is much better than the last one did Daddy” hehehe.
I cooked up a lovely Sunday dinner for me and Paige. Pork, homemade apple sauce (because I didn’t have any, so knocked some up quickly) and veg. Auden had his usual fare of sausages 🙂
I managed to grab a couple of quick pictures, the one of Aiden shows how tired out he looks after a weekend with Daddy.
The place is quiet now, and I don’t like it 😦 still they’ll be back on Tuesday, and that’s not far away 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire