Hooray, there’s little ones snoring in the bedroom again, one of my favourite sounds 🙂
Not so hooray though, Aiden’s usual TA wasn’t at school today (I’d certainly not been warned and neither had Aiden so maybe it was due to illness), and this may have contributed to a situation that occurred. Upon hand over I was told that Aiden had seen a book for sale on the after school book stall that was set up, that he really wanted. Thus obviously set Aiden to saying he really really wanted it. I was then in an impossible situation, what little money I had was carefully planned for to the penny thus ensuring I’d have enough pennies for the week. What then happened was the start if a full scale meltdown as I tried to explain to Aiden that I couldn’t buy the book. Now this meltdown was in the worst possible place, the school gateway, which meant we were backing up a queue of parents and children. Now I’m never bothered about “causing a scene” but this situation was not good, my only option was to capitulate in an effort to end the meltdown. It did eventually work once we started heading in the direction of the book stall.
Now this may not seem like much I. The grand scheme of things, just one little book @£7-99. That amount of money had been carefully annexed, it’s enough to get me to work and back twice over (if you add a penny), which is what it was planned for, still Aiden got the book he’d become attached to :-/
As it was bonfire night tonight, I rolled out a tradition of mine by watching V for Vendetta (as it contains many references to bonfire night, and is a great film), it’s also good to remember the occasion when the last person with honest intentions entered the houses of parliament 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire