Well I ended up in bed really early last, about 18-30, and slept all the way through till 10-00 this morning. Did it work? Well I felt marginally better when I awoke, but I’m still not firing on all cylinders yet, I suspect a bit of a cold has crept in whist I’ve been running in fumes.
Despite this I forced myself to get outside for a while this morning. It was only a trip to the local remembrance service at the towns war memorial, but I figured it was a worthy cause to make the effort for.
It was nice to see such a big crowd gathered (both old and young, as the local scouts were there), and it was suitable poignant. The gathered crowd managed to bring the traffic to a complete standstill especially the long stream if vehicles piling out of the supermarket car park. At least it forced them into participating in the memorial service while they were stuck in their cars going about their business, enjoy the liberty that has been provided for them.
Ok that got a bit ranty at the end, but when you see stupid people in their cars getting irate at being stopped by something far more important than anything they are up to, it kind of galls you. They were lucky a lunch mob didn’t descend 🙂
I also heard today that Aiden is poorly and has a temperature, so it’s unlikely he’ll be at school tomorrow, not sure yet about Tuesday, depends how he goes tomorrow. The Long Lonely Stint is nearly done.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire