Bleurgh the illness has worsened, so much so that my voice went through the stages of husky ad alluring to none existent this evening, fortunately it only deserted me once the little ones were fast asleep. In fact I wouldn’t have paid it any heed I hadn’t been required to talk in the phone only to discover a tortuous rasp emerging in place of my usual dulcit tone. But enough of my wallowing in self loathing at the poor human specimen I’ve become.
The lights of my life are once again snoring away in the bedroom next to mine. When I was waiting for Aiden I could see the crowd of his class getting their coats on (and Aiden came to the window in the door to look for me and wave with a big beaming smile – as he always does), as the children were milling about it was clear that an altercation was starting and suddenly I saw Aiden’s Teaching Assistant cut through the crowd. Sure enough Aiden was involved, and while not particularly nice the outcome had a good point to it (incidentally no-one was hurt). The details that emerged were, that a another boy in his class was upsetting him (tormenting him as he later told us), so Aiden started to hit out at him (this was waylaid before any damage was done). Aiden’s TA spoke to Aiden and once she had established what had happened she asked Aiden what he should have done, instead of hitting out. He apparently turned around and said he realised hitting was bad, and that if someone torments him, he will put his hand up and firmly say “stop, I don’t like this, please let me have my own space.”
Well we were all dumbfounded by this, as it isn’t a response he has been primed with, so hasn’t learnt it parrot fashion. He has come up with much of this by himself, so although the whole situation was pretty bad, we all felt pretty proud of him 🙂
Paige is feeling a lot better, she stayed off school yesterday, but was fine today.
Finally I was required to work this morning, there was a fairly important meeting that I needed to be at. In fact I was asked to run the icebreaker to kick the meeting off, which I did, and I’d also been asked to cover off 3 other points of the agenda, I managed to make it through them all without making a complete idiot of myself thankfully. Let’s hope all this hard work starts to pay off in real world fiscal terms, as of the dozen or so people I attendance I was the paid the least, by a considerable margin as well :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire