Another tiring day, but this one is a happy tired. Had to double the trip to school for pick ups this afternoon as Paige had to stay late for Choir practice (as she’s singing in the Christmas Fair at school tomorrow). So I collected Aiden (via Push Chair as I knew we had a right schedule), ran back home to dump the bags before dashing back to school to collect Paige.
But wait that wasn’t the end of our hectic plans, as the Christmas lights were being switched on in town, so I quickly assembled something to eat then once that was consumed, made sure everyone was wrapped up well against the cold and off we went 🙂
There was a lot of standing around waiting, but the kids enjoyed it. Fortunately Aiden had wanted to wear his Ear Muffs again. Fortunate because there was a Firework display as part of the switch on – he’s so clever 😉
I grabbed some very fuzzy pictures which I’ll share below.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire