Well a largely uninteresting day, I’ve been doing a little but of writing, and tweaking some of that as well letting ideas stew and percolate for it.
Obviously the day brightened up when I collected the little ones from school. Unfortunately we had an incident on the walk home. A friend of Paige’s was in front of us so Paige wanted to play/run ahead with them as we walked in the same direction. She’s sensible and asked if it was ok, and also made sure she didn’t run off too far, a well as waiting for me and Aiden whenever there was a road to cross. Aiden walked along holding my hand and was a little perturbed, but I pulled out all of the usual tricks to keep him walking along.
One of these is the promise of a lollipop when we get to a certain point. The Mum of Paige’s friend heard all of this and this is where it started to go wrong. Now I know she meant well, but what happened just caused problems and went badly wrong, making my task of walking Aiden home so much harder.
She started joking and cajoling Aiden by saying she would get his lollipop as he was going to get to the target before him, and then she started to encourage him to run ahead and get in front of her. Obviously Aiden was getting agitated by the thought of not getting his lollipop, so he snatched his hand away from mine and ran in front. Within a second he had charged forward and realising he wasn’t holding my hand started to turn to look behind him, sure enough that’s when he fell I’ve and bumped his head 😦
He’s got a big red lump on his forehead and he sobbed his heart out. He not only cried from the pain/shock of the fall but got really upset because he said he wishes he didn’t keep falling over. Obviously I resorted to carrying him and it took me ages (most of the walk home), to calm him and stop him worrying about falling over all the time.
The Mum (fortunately) had to turn down a different road, and looked suitably sheepish about it. However it’s highlighted that I’m just going to have to make sure other people don’t start off this kind of problem again, I may have to start being short with people, I’m already a pariah, do this should go down well :-/
Anyway Aiden has been fine this evening and I’m hoping he’ll still be ok with the walk in the morning, as there’s no telling if this will put our progress back a bit.
The little ones have taken my birthday cards and presents into their bedroom so That they can present them to me in the morning 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire