Well today was a complete non starter, I got up early and got ready for work, everything was going well, I was ahead if schedule. I set off for the bus stop a littler earlier than usual, and once I got there it all went a but wrong.
Just down the road fro. The bus stop there were Police Cars, Fire Engines and Ambulances across the road in a sea of Blue flashing lights. I learned from another bus stop patron that a major fire had occurred in some flats above the shops just down the road. He had seen 2 buses stuck the other side of the blocked road, but they weren’t moving – obviously. We decided to stick it out for a while in the hope that the scene cleared – all the while hoping no-one was hurt of course (turns out there were no serious injuries). As time wire on more and more people arrived at the bus stop. Eventually after well over and hour and a half(it was extra chilly this morning too!) myself and the original patron went to see if the Police at the road block knew how long things would be.
The news wasn’t good, they’d turned back the 2 buses and advised the bus company to steer clear of the road. This was the only route through town so a bus to work wasn’t looking likely. So I trudged home and managed to take a days holiday.
I did absolutely nothing productive though it’s taken me most of the day to thaw out, coupled with the continuing lethargy 😦
Things should pick up tomorrow though as I’ll be getting some visitors, and we have grand plans 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire