I’ve been a busy festive bee today, after providing inspiration at work yesterday I decided that the hovel needed a little more Christmas Pzazz!
So I went out and rounded up some free range gaudy tinsel and ceiling decorations, along with a stapler and some colourful pens (they’re actually for Paige and myself to write Christmas cards with).
It was then a case of letting my artistic spirit free and pushing lots of drawing pins into the ceiling to secure the festive tassels πŸ™‚
After I’d gone around and Christmassed the place up a bit more, I continued the momentum by making an extra large 3D paper Snowflake out of some coloured paper we just happened to have.
Once I’d completed that hefty project it was time to collect the little ones. They were both in high spirits despite the drenching we got by the rain. When the entered home, they were both awestruck by the extra level of Christmasness πŸ™‚
Paige kept telling me over and over how she loved it and that I’m the best and most creative person she knows hehehe she is incredibly biased though πŸ˜€
The packed weekend kicks off tomorrow morning with Paige going round to her friends for a play date. It is nice for her to go and play and have a chance to be a “normal” little girl (though I abhor using that term), so I’m very grateful for her friend to let her come and play, and the only live around the corner so she isn’t far away. It also means Aiden and I have boys time together, although because I brought a second XBox controller (in preparation for them both wanting to play Skylanders come Christmas Day), it’s looking like he’ll be wanting to play a game or 2. Whilst it’s only a cheap controller, it has the bonus of being substantially smaller than an official one, making it the perfect size for little hands πŸ™‚

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire