The day seems to have past too quickly today, but that likely because the little ones left me at 18:00, and I was conscious of that time inexorably approaching. That means it’s quite in the hovel tonight 😦
We travelled back from the south today, the little ones have been amazing and absolute stars, plus they’ve again been generous with cuddles and kisses today πŸ™‚
This morning Paige used one of the Christmas presents I’d brought for her. It was a build your own potato powered clock. She sat down with her Grandad and they sorted it out, with Aiden occasionally drifting by to see what was happening. Now while it didn’t take long, I’m impressed by it, and even though many of us know that it’s possible and simple to accomplish, it’s still fairly mind blowing to actually see it work for yourself πŸ™‚
When we got back the little ones insisted on making sure everyone got to see the Skylanders game in operation πŸ™‚
Finally when the little ones had left me I busied myself with some mindless TV viewing, and stumbled across a gem of a film. I heartily recommend “Easy A” starring the lovely and talented Emma Stone. A great film, it surprised me πŸ™‚
Right early start and work tomorrow, let’s hope it’s a gentle easing back into the work routine………..

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire