Had another one of those fortuitous moments at work today, where my random knowledge of stuff (mostly through trawling the internet like an information salvager), landed me in an almost ideal situation. So, I was working in my unofficial capacity as a Excel consultant and just happened to be next to our bosses desk when doing so. She expressed dismay due being unable to participate in a webinar (nope, I’d never done one either), apparently it was important for our team to be represented, and volunteers were sort after……………. I immediately threw myself into some incredibly complicated Excel formula and started to look really busy and intense……….. Nope it didn’t work, I was “volunteered”.
So with little choice I asked what it was about. The answer was “the changes in regulation regarding information contained on food packaging”. Well I jumped for joy and expressed such delight and the development opportunity that had come my way…………. Well after my eyes had glazed over and I’d manage to look vaguely interested in it, I then on the off chance just happened to mention that based on such a catchy title it was likely to be about the upcoming change in European legislation around the labelling of allergens within ingredients listings on foodstuffs. That genuinely just happened to be something I stumbled across about 3 months. So my boss give me one if those looks, and asked me to report back when I’d done it 🙂
Turns out I was bang in the mark, it was about the upcoming legislative changes regarding the labelling of allergens (and a few other things as well), so the upshot is, I ended up getting extra “brownie” points hehehe.
I topped this off by finishing off a few projects I’d been dragging my heels on at work, because, well they don’t really feel like work, so I feel more like I was just dicking around……… The first is an idea I proposed a year ago, and now it’s been taken seriously (I know crazy, who’d have thought someone would take what I said seriously!!!!!!), it’s a monthly newsletter and clearly I’m the editor, and my proposal was for it to be far from serious, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time writing jokes and very light hearted editorial content (NB editorial content and editor making it sound far more grandiose than it is, but rest assured that is how they shall be transcribed into my CV tee-hee).
The other bit of dicking around I had to do was around an origami project, no honestly it was. It all stems from the recent time I was asked to “inspire” people and did such a good job with 3D snowflakes. I’ve ended up being asked to look into the feasibility of us making an origami sculpture as a piece of charity work. So I worked out how to go about constructing a complicated 3D origami swan, and then upscaled. So I’ve submitted the proposal and will have to wait and see whether this gets taken seriously as well 😉
So an enjoyable day all round.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire