The day was largely irrelevant until it was time to do the pick up from school today πŸ™‚
Once again there was a rude “clump” if mothers that insisted on walking over and standing right in front me as I waited to see Aiden come to the door. And sure enough once I was obscured from he appeared at the door. I know this because I started to move around the ignoramuses and spotted him looking a little panicked, however with some frantic waving I managed to get his attention and got a beaming smile in return πŸ™‚
Despite the cold we had a trouble free and easy walk home, both of the little ones managing it easily, then once tea had been served up and consumed, and homework done I let them fire up Skylanders πŸ™‚
I didn’t let them play too late though as Aiden is off for a trip to the local “Big” school, as thy are hosting all of the primary schools for a big joint PE lesson – I seem to remember from Paige’s time that it’s due to the “Big” school students that are learning to teach PE. Anyway we’ve had picture story page to go through to explain the change in tomorrow’s routine to him, and he seems happy with it.
We’ve also had to prepare him for the change of me collecting him tomorrow as Paige is going to be at an after school club (Astronaut inspired PE – called Mission X or some such). So I offered to collect Aiden to make things easier (you may remember in recent times I wasn’t offered any such help), and because it means I get to spend just a little more time with Aiden πŸ˜€

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire