You may be pleased to learn that following yesterday’s photofest posting, there are no pictures today 🙂
It’s been a very lazy today, but we did do a lot of running about yesterday hehehe. Once breakfast and the big bath session followed by fun fighting was done, I insisted that it was time for all homework to be completed which took us rather nicely to lunchtime. Obviously there were many impassioned pleas to play The Game, but I pointed out that it wasn’t possible to play it and eat lunch at the same time, although they wanted to give it a try 😉
To further distract them slightly, I out Monsters University on as well. All thoughts of The Game soon vanished.
Eventually I allowed gaming to commence and there was lots of character swapping and giggling going on. I felt good thy Id at least managed to postpone The Game until late this afternoon. All too soon though out deadline approached and we indulged in our usual ritual of half an hours goodbye wind down and cuddles 😦
Well at least it’s on until Tuesday. I busied myself this evening with preparation for a training course/development session I’m delivering at work tomorrow. If it all goes well I’ll post a pic of what the prep involved, if it doesn’t go well, you may never know 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire