Well not quite the fun day at work I’d hoped for, it was slightly better than mediocre though, so not a complete loss.
The training session I ran today was a bit of mixed bag. Things didn’t start particularly well, when I got to work I discovered that one of my key co-conspirators had rung in sick. This was a pretty major issue as they were tasked with bringing in some major props needed for the start of my session. It was for my big power opening, so I had to scrabble around and hastily cobble together a replacement for the missing part of my session.
When I’m delivering training I like to have everything nailed down beforehand so that I can run through it all in my head. I wasn’t able to do that today with rushing around making up a new bit for the opening. It definitely put me off my stride. Consequently I don’t feel the session went as well as it could have done, it was by no means a complete failure, it fact to be fair it seemed to be well received, and people definitely took something away from it, I just know it would have been better with my properly planned opening.
Obviously people can’t help being ill, and maybe the lesson is to plan for such eventualities in future, however I had been railroaded into letting others help deliver the session, and it proved a weak link this time around :-/
I think the session would have been much better with my planned opener (which is a small portion of a standup routine I’ve got), it served to set the scene perfectly and get the audience in the right frame of mind. I ended up having to deal a couple of hostile/disengaged people (which was pretty petty of them, and didn’t serve to change my initial impression of this team being like petulant school children), so from the very beginning I was on the back foot and not in the ideal place to handle them. Ah well, hopefully everyone took something away from it. At the end if the day even it was only that the lowest paid person is willing to stand up and run a development for people that should be performing at that sort of level (there was a great deal of office politics at play today, so I really needed to bring my A game, instead of my C+ “good effort” game). To be frank the team in question have what I consider to be a major problem, in that their manager is unaware of the “Friendly not Friends” maxim, and is too caught up with being best mates with the the team. In my experience that doesn’t air for a good team dynamic (and I like to think I’ve been around the block a few times with this).
Anyway enough of the critique, I still feel like sharing the picture I took last night relating to today’s session. I spent last night creating something for everyone to take away with them. I’ve done this in past by creating personalised “power stones” and “anchoring” confidence to them (basic hypnosis really). Well I did something similar for today’s session and created simple personalised key rings and then we “anchored” a sense of calm to them. To add an extra level of mysticism I even inscribed (drew on with a Sharpie hehehe) the ancient Norse rune Ingwaz (which pertains to calmness), as I think it’s the extra little details that help πŸ™‚
The idea of having key rings seemed a good choice as it’s something unobtrusive that everyone can carry with them. My problem people I. The audience immediately attempted to cause problems by loudly proclaiming that they have never experienced a single moment of calm in their lives. I calmly spent some time with them giving them the attention they obviously craved and provided them with a plethora of examples they could use if they only applied a little thought to it. In the end everyone went through with it, and for me this was the most successful part, because there was a very palpable and telling change to the atmosphere in the room, which carried on to the end of the session. I did put my best humorist voice on for it hehehe πŸ™‚
Right that’s largely been my day, I got thrown some important reports to fill out today as well, which is work way above my pay grade. Nothing. Else of import happened, I’m just waiting patiently now for my time with the little ones tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire