It’s been a good day today, we had a but of a shaky start to it. A tearful Paige came into my bed at about 04:00 this morning because she had just had a nightmare. Fortunately climbing into Daddy’s bed and cuddling up cured it, and she was soon fast asleep again πŸ™‚
A very kind friend took pity on us this morning as well due to the wet weather and offered to give us a lift to school (so another unplanned change for Aiden, which didn’t phase him at all), which was really nice πŸ˜‰
I spent the day running around getting some birthday presents for Paige (as it’s the next weekend I have them!), so thought I’d better get some while my wages are still hiding in the bank (they’ll be gone soon though – boo!). I’ve managed to get her some Skylanders stuff and some pretty awesome Wellies (although due a previous unhappy life of mine I can correctly identify them as “Muckers” – it’s a horsey thing).
This afternoon was of course dominated by Aiden’s review meeting at school. There’s always a bit of trepidation around these things, even though the school do communicate everything, I can’t help feeling going into the meeting that there’s some major issue that I haven’t heard about. Fortunately there was absolutely no need to worry, the school sang his praises and are amazed by all the progress he’s made. In fact he’s doing so well that one of the outside Autism Education specialists that comes in to help the school and help review Aiden, has said there is nothing they can do to help anymore, as the both school and Aiden are so advanced. Although they are still going to keep in touch monthly but won’t be needing to visit from now. It really is a credit to both the school and Aiden, it’s so nice to have a meeting with his Teaching Assistant and Teacher and see how much they genuinely care. I came out of the meeting very happy and proud πŸ˜€
Right got to get my work head on now ready for tomorrow, I’ve got a good idea what’s needed of me tomorrow and it’s going to be pretty hectic………

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire