I’m not entirely sure what’s been going today, but it’s felt like a busy and productive day……. Although I haven’t really done anything 🙂
This morning I blitzed a load of very dull household chores, in fact to be fair I ended up in the zone and kind if enjoyed doing them, so then ferreted around making up other menial tasks to do. Eventually I decided that I may slipping into a strange parallel universe, and clearly I should get some fresh air, so a gentle mosey to the shops was called for.
I didn’t really need anything, and had to be careful not to buy any more Skylanders for the little ones, especially as it’s Paige’s birthday in a weeks time, but I did get a flash of inspiration for lunch. So a quick gather up of the ingredients needed and off I trotted, hovelward bound.
It was anything particularly flashy, proper comfort food really, and it was very satisfying to eat (I’ve even included a very suspiciously angled picture). So I rustled up some sausages, made some Champ Mash (just mash potatoes with spring onions), and finally knocked up a red wine and mushroom gravy 🙂
Once that was eaten I must have spent hours just sitting around feeling satisfied 😀
The day pretty much peaked for me there, nothing else noteworthy (other than a very long soak in the bath) occurred, so let’s see what work holds in store tomorrow 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire