Once again a Tuesday night heralds awesome sounds throughout the hovel, there’s little sleeping close by which has brought the Long Lonely Stint to an end, happy times 😉
I took myself out this morning just to the shops for a few essentials, however in a whim I opted for a haircut – just a beaten up. But this is a big thing for me, I hate having my hair cut, it’s properly dear inducing. Of course there’s nothing logical about it, I just can’t abide any single aspect of it. It clearly doesn’t help being the most ticklish person in the world, and a tickle is primarily based upon out panic response, so that’s some of the issue. I don’t like blades or sharp thugs in someone else’s hands near my head, because I kind of like head, in fact I’m very attached to it hehehe. Finally the other part I loathe is the forced small talk we have to endure as the cut is going on. I think hairdressers/barbers are lovely people and I really admire their ability to engage in all manner of small talk, but it’s not for me, I’d prefer a Stoney silence thanks, but then it’s not socially acceptable. Today I threw in some comments about weather (a great British staple), and that managed to get us through the cut safely.
Once I was back from my little excursion I became somewhat lightheaded, and this was more than a mere lightening of the cranial load due to a lack of luxuriant leonine locks. I started battling an annoying sore throat yesterday ad it seemed to develop today. So after this small trip out this morning I was properly floored for the afternoon.
I dosed myself up and crawled into bed for the afternoon, which managed to keep it in check, at least enough for the school run anyway. Tonight’s treatment (once the little ones were catered for and in bed), was a hot bath and more pharmaceuticals. Hopefully I’ve headed it off before it progresses.
As agreed in Aiden’s review last week, when we get to school tomorrow morning he’s going to enter using the same entrance as the rest of his class. We previously used to take him to a special quite entrance, but they have changed the layout of the main entrance meaning the cloakroom isn’t such a bottleneck now, as that’s where Aiden seemed to get most upset. Apparently he has managed it both Monday and today, so fingers crossed it all goes well for us tomorrow 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire