It was a good job it was Geek night this evening, otherwise the day would have been pretty much a waste. But to be fair the illness has eased a little, so that’s a positive.
Just got to drag myself out if this minor slump. I did feel myself slipping into that dark spiral very briefly both yesterday and today. Not something I’m particularly proud to admit, but I noticed what was happening and started to try and break the spiralling unhappy thoughts by distracting myself. And even better this evenings distraction was a good tonic, so I’m feeling much brighter now.
It was old school D&D part 2 tonight, so we jumped straight back into the dungeon and carried on where we left off. There was an big early fight with a room full of undead, and what seemed to be laser guided skeleton archers, no really for undead they were surprisingly/uncharacteristically accurate and lethal. As my brave (ahem foolhardy!) Wizard deftly ran into the room he was pincushioned by 5 arrows, and list half his hit points! Oops. It’s a good job we have a good party of adventurers, it turned out fine in the end. We all survived the adventure (although if our thief ever gets find out for pilfering the treasure, he may not last too long hehehe), and we’ve even decided to roll out the characters for a continuing adventure in the next few weeks, so all good. I just need to flesh out my shabby and foolish wizard character with some suitable background now 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire