Today was a bit strange, work as usual was all fine and dandy, no dramas and on the whole enjoyable. When I arrived back at the hovel I was a little tired, but not the bone aching fatigue of recent weeks. However I decided to save some money on energy costs by crawling into bed for a snooze. Id only planned on a couple of hours nap time and made sure, as always, to set an alarm……………..
4 and a half hours later I woke up – oops. By this time it was so late that didn’t actually fancy anything to eat, do I’ve skipped a meal today as well. I’m sure I’ll manage to survive 🙂
There were a few very minor things today that brought home to me how close I’m still skating to that dark abyss. I’ve bit managed to distance myself far enough from it yet, and the slightest thing seems capable of edging me back towards it. It’s not a nice feeling :-/
On the positive side though, it’s bound to be a good day tomorrow (at least the end of it is anyway), as I’ll have the little ones once again 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire