We had a good morning, a nice slow start to the day, and once again I spent most of it being cuddled 🙂
They also both asked to watch a load if YouTube videos about Minecraft. Apparently they watch them (and play the game) most of the time at their other residence. So, I gave in and let them watch the clips through the TV. The particular channel they watch is by StampyLongnose, and I have to admit it’s pretty good, Stampy definitely caters for a younger audience, and te hundreds of clips he’s made are well put together 🙂
I was however determined that we were going to get some fresh air today. So we took a long slow walk to the shops, and the outward trip was great fun. Homeward bound was a different matter entirely :-/
The issues occurred because I only needed a few items at the shop, and buying a Skylander toy for Paige and Aiden (as we did in the week), was far beyond my financial means today. I had explained this carefully before we set off, but Aiden was certain we needed to buy a Skylander. This led to a meltdown in the shop unfortunately. I managed to head off the worst of it, ad at least it wasn’t a full blown thermonuclear one. However it wasn’t very pleasant, and also slightly jaded by the fact that a couple of the Parents from Paige’s school were in the shop. Now I know that doesn’t seem like a big problem, but there’s certainly an extra element to it. You need to remember that as far the parents from Paige’s school are concerned, I’m a pariah, and these ones in particular certainly make no secret of the fact that they support the other side as far as I’m concerned (I’m sure you can manage to work that one out dear readers, so there are further complications sadly).
This while incident carried on for most of the trip home. I did manage to prevent Aiden from getting too wound up, and one breakthrough came when he was about to lash out as we were walking along. I saw the swing winding up and managed to calmly avoid it, at which point Aiden appeared to come back to us and sobbing said that he wanted a big cuddle. So we stopped straight away in the middle of the path as had a big cuddle. From then on he was happy to walk home.
It did put a bit of downer on the day sadly, but I’ve it to realise that these things can happen at any time. I think I managed to remain calm ad not exacerbate the situation. Rest assured we’ve all had loads of cuddles this evening 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire