Another gentle start to the day this morning, episodes of Power Rangers were involved. As was Aiden joining with the onscreen fighting πŸ™‚
Again I gave them a choice of what to do, once we’d gone through the usual Sunday morning bath time ritual (which takes just over an hour hehehe). They were both adamant that StampyLongnose was all they were interested in, so I let them watch a few more episodes………….. But I was determined to get outside again.
So after a quick lunch I coaxed them out to the park for a good run around and clamber all over the climbing frame πŸ™‚ They lived the walk I. The really strong wind, and Aiden asked lots of questions about the wind as we walked along πŸ™‚
Upon returning to the hovel after further consultation the Star Wars Lego game won the choice award, so there was lots done on that again, before finishing off the day with Tea and some more StampyLongnose. We also managed to get in our obligatory epic cuddle session just prior to them being picked up.
Once again the hovel is depressingly quiet, roll on Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully work will be kind to me tomorrow.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire