As usual we had a great start to the morning. When ever the little ones are here on a school day, I’m always the first awake, as I like to get their breakfast and everything ready. So part of a our ritual on these mornings (and it always makes me smile), is that when I wake them up Auden will always sit up in bed and immediately “Good morning Daddy, I love you”. It’s great to hear that first thing, Paige usually joins in as well, although she’s usually a little more sluggish at waking up hehehe 🙂
We got to shook without a hitch, in fact we were offered a lift again, which was nice. Aiden is still going into school using the same entrance as everyone else, which is awesome. In fact the morning he ran in the door 🙂
As for the rest of the day, kind of “Meh”. It was a long wait until 16-00 when the little ones get a brief stop off to see me (now that Paige’s Wednesday after school club has finished, I don’t get the bonus time with Aiden). When they did arrive they were like a pair of limpets 🙂
Now just a day of work to go, and then I’m off south for an extended weekend, and to watch my Mum jump out of aeroplane on Saturday morning for her birthday and charity (National Autistic Society of course).

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire