Had another bout of hard graft today, this morning Dad and I enacted a repair on the car. There was an issue with the exhaust, so we got under the car and coaxed the exhaust off the car, then spent a little while repairing it and finally putting it back on the car.
It was good fun, we had to do a fair bit if improvisational repairing, but the end result it pretty near a perfect fix 🙂
To prove the level of graft involved I included a picture of my hand, which clearly shows the oil and grim wedge under my nails 🙂
Nothing else too exciting happened today, we’ve had a catch up with a few visitors and watched some films. I’ve eaten some vegetables and subsequently spent the evening enthroned on the toilet, I think I’ll switch to a purely chocolate and meat diet from now on.
There were some plans for this evening, but due to an unfortunate accident with a piece of wood, a car windscreen and a speed of 70mph, we decided it was prudent to shelve the plans. Especially as those plans may well have involved tormenting waiting staff in a restaurant. Fortunately armour penetration of the wood was insufficient to bypass the armour save if the windscreen, meaning my designated driver (and family member, author, fellow observer of the stupid) was unscathed by the incident.
Finally to finish off, I’ve been able to get hold of a couple of action shots from yesterday’s ground plummeting adventures 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire