Today has definitely been about food, I may not have done much, but I’ve ticked a food craving off 🙂
Despite constantly being offered the run of the mill variety and having a really bad craving for them, I’ve resisted eating Pork Scratchings (or Pork Rinds, or the quote Shaun of the Dead “Hog Lumps!”). I discovered a little while ago that there was a particular brand which is Gluten Free, all others have my nemesis in, Rusk.
I’ve been carefully hunting down this elusive snack for many months now, and even checking all normal packs to see if a sudden change in ingredients has occurred. Today my patience was rewarded ad I was able to procure some Gluten Free Pork Scratchings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ve demolished 2 packets so far, and very tasty pieces of pig they were too 🙂
This evening, no doubt buoyed up by my discover of little bits of pig, I volunteered to make some Gluten free batter with some recently gathered ingredients. I very much wet for the free form jazz approach, and guessed at the make up of the batter. I was soon dipping in pieces of fish, and then because I’d made so much I did onion rings as well.
Now they may not have come out as the most visually appealing items of fried food, but they did pass the taste test 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire