Boo! Had another couple of tough incidents today 😦
Firstly all the little ones wanted to do was watch StampyLongnose YouTube videos all day, and it took some persuading to get them outside. So I decided we’d combine a trip to the shops with a play at the park. Especially as I thought I’d try them with a new park, it’s one we walk past when going to school, and is quite near the shops.
Unfortunately Aiden at first was only interested in making sure we brought toys from the shop. I calmed him and explained we weren’t going to be buying toys, and also it’s his birthday soon, so if I buy him toys now, I won’t have any to buy him then. This kind if worked. But then he remembered the little Ironman toy he used to have (that he “posted” in a hole in post nearly 2 years ago). He became utterly fixated on this long missing toy. We were well on our way to the park by this point. There was a minor meltdown as all he wanted was the Ironman toy, I’ll be honest it was tough going, and I was close to calling the whole walk off and heading back home. But I knelt down in the middle of the street and told Aiden the story of what had happened to the Ironman toy, and that we were now going to have an adventure to a new park. It worked πŸ™‚
So all good for our trip to the park. And that’s where the second incident happened. The park has a roundabout (a very safe looking one too). We’d been playing for a little while and it was all going well. Both Paige and Aiden were enjoying the roundabout as I spun it. Also in the park was a young lad aged 4 with his grandmother. He came over and wanted to join us on the roundabout. This was where I took my eye off the ball. I was then more concerned with how he was hanging on, and this very brief lapse of concentration led to Aiden slipping off 😦
As I mentioned it is a very safe roundabout, but still Aiden was very slightly hurt (I managed to stop the roundabout very quickly!), sadly he scraped one side of his face ever so slightly, and was rightly upset 😦
He insisted on kisses to make it better, and I promised him magic cream (germolene) when we got home. After that they both insisted on not play in the park including more spins on the roundabout.
Eventually we headed off to the shop and Aiden was perfectly fine walking around and didn’t meltdown due to not having a toy πŸ™‚
Obviously I feel pretty shitty due to roundabout situation, but his cheek is just slightly grazed (more red than anything). I let them watch more StampyLongnose when we got home :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

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