Well that was a long hectic day at work………. I ended spending the majority of the day running the Excel training sessions, even though only half of the attendees turned up to each session. Still those that did comes along seemed to enjoy themselves, and learn something. Although I’m still somewhat narked by the no-shows, as they clearly showed no consideration for all the work we’ve put in sorting this all out, and that’s been on top of all of our normal work as well. But of course praise or reward doesn’t appear to be forthcoming. It’s a good job I enjoy presenting then 😉
After I’d spent the whole day running the training I returned to my desk to find a pile of really urgent work that needs doing (and which could have been done by others, as I’ve written a simple guide and created a template that does all of the hard work for them), as well as having set up some technical equipment that’s just moved offices. This latter part was because nobody else is willing to attempt it (the actual work involved is easy), and because in my previous incarnation at the company I was part if the project group that procured the equipment (when I was paid handsomely to do that sort of thing!).
All of this meant I worked late, and coupled with another of those nightmare bus rides home it was 19-00 when I finally got home. So I’m somewhat tired out. Tomorrow however I’m up early and off on a school trip with Paige’s class (to the airport) as part of their Spain project. Apparently I will be fulfilling the role of a responsible adult tomorrow 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire