Another busy day at work today, but on the plus side I managed to distribute issue 3 of the monthly newsletter, which of course I’m producing singlehandedly. It was double the usual size as I added in a new regular feature this time.
It was nice to see eager anticipation as I distributed the copies as well. People are starting to look forward to the day it comes out, I think that’s a measure I success. There was always a palpable pause in everyone’s busy work as they all sat and spent 10 minutes reading it ad then talking about it. So it has started to achieve it’s aim (it was all about improving communication and developing a team identity).
My own aim is for it to start developing a consciousness if it’s own (and this won’t come about until other people start to contribute to the content, as there’s too much of me in it at the moment – despite the fact I keep asking for help with it). It may sound did to attribute a sentience to a thing as mundane as a newsletter, but it does have a big impact. I remember from many years ago I was involved in a weekly management operations meeting. Sadly these meetings weren’t having much success, so I insisted on giving the meeting a real name, and suggested Cyril. I even went as far as to schedule the meeting in everyone’s calendars as “Cyril”. And it worked, the meeting developed it’s own persona, people would start talking about Cyril, and then they could identify a relationship to it. I’m sure there’s an important piece of psychology at work there. All I know is that it seemed to have a positive effect, and that’s what I’m hoping to emulate with this newsletter………… And yes it has a distinct name too 🙂
I did even get some actual physical feedback about this latest issue as well, and it was positive as well, in fact a glowing endorsement.
Other than that I did lots of mundane stuff at work, and ten came home pretty tired. Time to spend the weekend locked away from the world as I shamble through the latest Long Lonely Stint :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,

Poisoner extraordinaire