Yay the Long Lonely Stint is over 🙂
I collected the little ones from school today, ad was immediately pounced upon by Aiden’s TA. She just wanted to make me aware that Aiden has started to get a bit naughty at school. In her words she said “he seems to be like a stubborn 6 year old” only when it’s made clear that he needs to do whats asked of him it leads to a meltdown. This is only a recent thing and one suspicion is that it’s because he’s aware that it’s his birthday soon, and he’s just having a misunderstanding about that. I’ve had a chat with him, and tomorrow I’ll once again speak to him about what “being good” means and what he has to do at school.
To follow this Paige was a little upset as she loudly proclaimed she had diarrhoea when I collected her. We had a lift home and the little had a chance to play with their friend for a bit, but playtime was cut dramatically short when Paige suffered a somewhat messy bout of diarrhoea. She seems ok, just an unpleasant time wen going to the toilet (clearly taking after her Dad!). So we’ll have to see how she is In the morning otherwise it’ll be no school for her tomorrow.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,