Well that’s a fun filled weekend drawn to a close. Whilst the fun was a little more subdued today we still packed a bit in. In fact one of the highlights was watching the birds coming into the garden (not my garden obviously, scumbag towers doesn’t have a garden, sadly) to feed especially the Rooks, I’m a big fan of the Corvid family if feathered fiends 🙂
When we were all packed up to travel back North, Paige asked if she could sit in the front of the car with her Grandad, so naturally I deposited myself in the back with Aiden and Nanny. We did point out to Paige that she was no the navigator, and therefore getting home successfully was entirely in her hands – she was less than impressed with this 🙂
When we got home (turns out Grandad does know the way tee hee), Aiden was straight onto Skylanders to play with his new toys (The Tower of Time), in fact it wasn’t long before he and Paige had completed that new level 😉
Know when it was time for them to leave me, something a little odd happened. Now at the time I didn’t quite realise what it could signify, as it was just confusing and unusual. But now that I’ve had time to think it through I think I know what was going on. Anyway here’s what occurred. As the bags were being gathered up and the coats had been put on, Paige suddenly decides that he needs to stop and have a drink, so we all waited for her to have a drink………. Nothing weird about that (bear in mind that their other abode is only a 5 minute car journey away). Next as we easing to the door, Paige loudly announced that she wants to go to the toilet, so again we all wait as Paige goes into the bathroom. Eventually we manage to get outside and our usual goodbye ritual happens at the car.
Now that was it, it struck me as a little unusual at the time because as I mentioned Paige and Aiden wouldn’t be in the car any longer than 5 minutes – which they know. Well after mulling it over for the rest of this evening, I’m wondering if it was was just a way of Paige intimating that she didn’t want to leave. It’s entirely possible that I’m reading way to much into it, it’s just that it was very unusual and out if character for Paige. I’ll see how things go on Tuesday and Wednesday :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,