Yawn……. A tiring day at work today, I didn’t spend much of it at my desk, seemed to be lots of meetings. I was working way beyond my pay grade as well.
So every Friday afternoon there is a “cake time” half hour where a dis giantess person brings in cakes and provides a distraction (basically a quiz), as well promoting everyone stopping work and speaking to the other members of the team. The idea is to foster communication throughout the team…………… It hasn’t really been working for quite a while now. People conveniently forget it’s their turn, and then halfhearted throw a cake selection and quiz together. I should also point out that the is practically never any Gluten free option available. Now I have been given the option to drop out of the rota on a few occasions, but for me the right thing to do is to stalwartly remain on it, and highlight what can be achieved. Well this Friday it’s my turn, and in recently months there have been a few grumbles and general lack of interest in these sessions. So it falls to me to shake things up a little, which I spent some time planning today. The quiz is titled “this is not the greatest quiz in the world………… this is just a tribute” Tenacious D fans will be pleased. I’ve also gathered a few rude seeming anagrams for people to solve and there are a couple of other fiendish surprises 😉
Right bedtime now, sooooooo tired.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,