I have worshipped at the altar of the mighty and tasty Pig today, meaning I’ve eaten nothing but pork based products all day 🙂
I skipped breakfast, as I felt having breakfast today would be a betrayal to the recently lost and lamented hour, and had a wander in the sunshine. Upon returning home about lunchtime, I launched into the creation of an epic amount of Bacon and Sausage toasted sandwiches. These were very nice and kicked hunger into touch for most of the day. Eventually I had think an evening meal, some rations of Belly Pork (which I got hold of very cheaply!) came to the rescue. Now my original intention had been to compliment them with a little veg, but the roasting honey glazed bits of Pug smelled so good, I ditch all thoughts of veg. Now with hindsight I made a big mistake next, I was so caught up I. The creation of lovely Pig based food that I forgot to double check my ingredients. I went and added Balsamic Vinegar to the honey glazed roasted Pork Belly.
Now after some careful research I’ve realised that this wasn’t a very wise move. Opinion about Balsamic is that it can affect people who are very sensitive to Gluten, although as a distiller product it contains such small amounts of Gluten as to be considered friends with Gluten free products. I can now confirm that it’s off my safe list! I clearly must be bonkersly sensitive – which is both a literal and figurative pain in the arse!!!!!!!!!!
I’ve spent most of the evening I pain enthroned upon my least favourite seat in the hovel, and the guy wrenching stomach cramps are more than a little annoying 😦
I’m just hoping I can get some rest tonight and be good enough for work in the morning, it could be a long painful night ahead 😦
In the meantime here is a lovely photo of the poisonous porcine portions that brought this about 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,