Bleurgh! Still feeling so very poorly, although there has been an improvement. My stomach is no longer a solid seething packed and bloated mass of pain, merely a discomfort. However the blood hasn’t abated yet.
I’ve not really eaten much, as it seems a waste at the moment, as I won’t be absorbing any nutrients from I eat until the bleeding and discomfort passes :-/
On the plus side though, I living up to Titan of this humble blog, the things artists will put them themselves through hehehe.
Also another plus is that the little ones are here, we had a very slow walk home from school, due to delicate Daddy, and they’ve been great…….. Although some if that is likely down to the fact that I’d secured them a copy of Minecraft 😉
I’ve had loads of cuddles tonight, and they were soon crashed out and snoring tonight 🙂
When I collected Aiden his Teaching Assistant had a word with me because he had been playing up again today (it’s 2 weeks since she last spoke to me, see if you can spot the pattern – Ahem!). Apparently he’s been very unsettled and uncooperative, so, once again I’ve had a chat with him about what it means to be good, and what he needs to do when at school, fingers crossed for a flawless day tomorrow :-/

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,