Hooray, all of the bleeding and blood loss has stopped, now I’m just left with the usual symptoms of a bad stomach, so still plenty of trips to the bathroom unfortunately :-/
Paige was excited this morning as she was off on an epic solo adventure. She went to her friends for the day (and they subsequently went out to a big park), and the plan was for her to stay with her friend for a sleepover. I wasn’t concerned because her friend only lives about 200 metres away around the corner, so if she didn’t like the idea of sleeping elsewhere it was easy to come home quickly. Bless her she managed until about 21-30 before tearfully asking to come home. She did have an awesome day though, it’s just she wanted Daddy, Aiden and her familiar bed 😉
Aiden meanwhile has had a lads day with me. Now I’d love to say it’s all been fun, but there was a rather horrific moment fairly early on. Now I had thorough about explaining Paige’s absence and what it meant, and that it meant Aiden and Daddy would be spending some time together. He said he wanted to play Minecraft together. And that’s where the problem began. He wanted to do nothing but play that all the time, even though I’d told him we could only play for a short while, and that we needed to go to the shop to get him a Minecraft book.
When I insisted that the game was to be turned off we had a full on Thermo Nuclear meltdown, one of the worst I’ve ever seen, and I did get hit in the process, as well as spat on, it wasn’t very nice. In fact it was really tricky for me to not get caught up in it and wound up by it, I didn’t, but it was a close run thing. In the end I just managed to remain composed enough to run through the usual distractions as sure enough within a few minutes we were happily walking down the street hand in hand on out way to the shop………….. I was very close to throwing the game away though. I’m not particularly proud of nearly getting caught up in it (and it would have been a no win situation for me), but this is the harsh reality of it, and I’d rather put it out there in the hope that people get an insight into Autism. It knocked me back a bit 😦 maybe some of it was due to my current poor health, I don’t know.
Anyway the rest of our day together was great, we got the books, and Aiden read while we were walking round the shop and then promptly carried it home like a proud student and proceeded to tell me all about the Enderdragon (which is detailed in the book) hehehe. During the afternoon I set up Aiden’s tent in the living room and made him a nest which he was happy to inhabit whilst watching more StampyLongnose videos 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,