We had quite a jam packed day today, with some big adventures, the least of which was introducing the little ones to this legendary muppets song 🙂 which they loved of course!
This morning they got play on the swing that Grandad had made, which was great fun. Then we set off on a mystery tour, which actually went via my Aunties house where we split into 2 cars (boys in one, girls in the other as the little ones had decided hehehe).
We then made our way to a farm activity centre where there loads of animals to see and interact with, as well as an Easter egg hunt.
We all had a great time there before heading off for a spot of lunch. Eating lunch took quite a while as Paige and Aiden were insistent on playing with the kaleidoscopes that they had brought 🙂
Before long it was time to head back north, which included sharing a big heart shaped lolly pop in the back of the car. Unfortunately towards the end of the journey Aiden got tired (it had been a busy day), and got a bit upset. But we all got home in one piece. It safe to say that 2 very tired out little ones went back to their other home this evening. I wonder if they got home to the news of a divorce party like they did when they went back last Sunday. Obviously Paige ha told me all this, and to me it just seemed utterly pathetic, especially as it was made to be such a proud and joyous event, strange how some people really should think hard about what caused it in the first place, and about what sort of person that makes them. Never mind………….. Oh yeah and once again (just like the last time we parted before the beginning if a Long Lonely Stint), Paige held up proceedings by declaring she needed to go to the toilet just as she was putting her coat on, I have her a wry smile and held her coat while waiting for her, seems to be a habit now 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,