Well day 1 of the latest Long Lonely Stint done, work was kind of fun today, I enjoyed myself. There are changes afoot at work once again, and in the first round of them our little team is affected. The affect however is just basically undoing the change that occurred about 7 months ago, which is pretty amusing. So we’re getting our old manager back hehehe. To be honest I don’t really mind either way as I’ve been really fortunate in that the 2 managers I’ve had so far are both really good 😉
I also managed to amuse myself by producing issue 4 of the newsletter, and it’s an epic issue this time around (again out together solely by myself), and it’s going digital from this issue…….. In other words Ice wen asked to email it around instead of printing it out………. I’m. Sure it’s all for planetary saving reasons. I have had feedback from a small test audience, and they like it, even the one joke that I thought might have pushed the bounds of decency, but they approved it 🙂
That’s it really, nothing else of note has occurred.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,