Yep, work was busy today, running between meetings as I thought. Rather shockingly though I seemed to be the only person that had paid any attention to the previous meetings (in all cases), and actually followed up on them and prepared for them. So there I was expecting to have a number of discussions with people and debating the differences between our work, when in reality we all sat down and went through what I had prepared…………
At one point I very nearly had a sense of humour failure, especially as 1 team keep claiming they are too busy to spend any time coming to these meetings (as they are developmental in nature, the meetings not the people!). Now I sit alongside them and can vouch for how long they spend larking about, yet try always seemed happy to use “too much work in the inbox” as reasoning to not engage or prepare. Only last month time management (!?!) training was provided across the board. Clearly some people need more coaching on managing their time. Especially as Mr works aof coupledaysaweek can find the time and make the effort.
Anyway that’s enough moaning, the little ones arrive tomorrow, so good times coming up 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,