Well it’s been good to have the little ones today, and the weather was great today, sadly I let them down by being completely unable to take them out for an adventure 😦
There were a couple of rubbish reasons. Firstly, I’ve been poorly today, started as a sore throat last night, and just got worse along with a temperature and the unpleasant limb ache of a fever. I’m sure it’s just a passing cold but still it’s not nice. I went for an early trip to the shop this morning 07-30 before the little ones were here, and that completely wiped me out, coupled with feeling like Id had no sleep whatsoever.
But even though I was feeling really bad, I was still going to drag myself out for sunshine with the kids, and that’s when reason number 2 put in an appearance. The stairwells and doors to all of the scumbag towers are being painted at the moment, and today the painters knocked in my door to inform me I was having my door painted, so I needed to pick a colour and leave the door open all day. So that out paid to any plans of leaving the hovel 😦
It also let to a few other issues, namely that while the weather was awesome, and life in the sunshine was pleasantly warm, scumbag towers are more akin to an ancient cave system, in that they appear to keep themselves at a consistent temperature whatever the weather, namely pretty damn chilly. That coupled with my pathetic illness has sled to a miserable cold day for me. And as a bonus I’ve needed to keep an extra close eye on Aiden so that he doesn’t sneak out or go anywhere near the wet paint.
On the plus side I have had loads if cuddles and kisses, and the little ones have been stars today.
I think tomorrow will be a similar story though, as it looks as if a second coat of paint will be getting applied to the door 😦

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,