Despite the late bedtime last night, I was woken up at 05-00 this morning. Aiden was awake and wanted to come into bed with me, naturally this woke Paige as well, so we all clambered into bed together – it’s a good job there’s plenty of spare room in there (even with all the cuddly toys that came in with us) 🙂
On the plus side we all then slept in until 09-30, so it was a late start to Easter for us 😀
Pair was overjoyed with her cuddly toy and chocolate, and Aiden was equally excited by the Hexbug I’d got for him. Not a lot of point getting him chocolate, although he did have a luck of some today, still not keen on it though 😉
Now being Easter Sunday I thought the shops would all be closed, thankfully though a corner shop was open. It wasn’t until this afternoon that I realised tomorrow is their mum’s birthday, and I’d not managed to get them a card for her. Not she detested one of course, but I still feel it’s important for the little ones, unlike providing explicit details of a divorce party to them, which isn’t appropriate, but hey some people have to live with their guilt and it does strange things to them. Anyway after a quick run to the shop we called in at the park again for a quick play, given that we had loads of rain today I’d all but given up on an outdoor adventure.
Finally as we were engaged in our usual lovely ritual of pre leaving cuddle time, I snapped a couple of pics, although to be fair in the “all together” I’m not sure what happened to Aiden’s expression 😉
After they had left me I distracted myself with many episodes of Castle and the new Fargo series, both of which are great……….

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,