Honesty, I did absolutely nothing today, a lot of sleep and a lot of moping about. I made sure I went out for some fresh air though with a slow walk to the shops. It’s been such a non event of a day. Because I’m so used to my regular routine I’ve both struggled to comprehend what day of the week it is today, and missed work?!? Really, I’ve missed going into work loads today, maybe it’s the Autism by proxy stressing me out 😉
I managed to watch quite a bit kite Castle and of course Game of Thrones, in fact in GoT it was nice to see they injected some of the cocky arrogance back into Daario Naharis, he’s been missing his defining trait this series, and he’s such a great character, along with The Hound and the Red Viper (2 awesome castings for them btw!).
Right that’s me done for this entry then.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,