Well there’s little people snoring nearby again, so all is well. Paige had a friend over after school for a play date, which was basically one long Minecraft session hehehe.
Both little ones have been awesome as always, and I had loads cuddles this evening 🙂
Now on to some strange happenings. Firstly last nights sleep was plagued by some truly upsetting nightmares, which even after waking up briefly constrained once sleep was instigated again, this put me in a bit of spin throughout the day, so I wasn’t particularly well focused. As an example I went to the shops and came away without one of the main things I went for. Although I did manage to get the ingredients for a chicken korma, which I managed to make for Paige and myself (she enjoyed it). Now ordinarily the bad nightmares wouldn’t bother me too much, but tonight while the little ones were sleeping (and I was watching Castle), I was plagued by the sound of either Paige or Aiden calling out for me. I answered that I was on my way and leapt off the sofa, however when I’d covered the 10 steps it take to get the their room, both of them were fast asleep. This has happened a few times tonight, so I’m somewhat perplexed. It could just be that for some reason they are sleeping lightly. I know Paige has commented recently that she only sleeps properly when with me (her own words not mine), so maybe it’s something playing on her mind again……. :-/
Tomorrow should be interesting as by my reckoning it’s time again for Aiden’s review at school in the afternoon, but it usually gets mentioned just beforehand, so I’ll check with the school when I drop him off in the morning 🙂

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,