Well I received strict instructions from Aiden this morning “spikey hair” so I gave him his hipster style spikey hair for school today 🙂
There was a review meeting at school this afternoon, and it was another very nice one. Once again it was full of glowing reports, and they are all really pleased with the progress Aiden continues to make. It very much came across how invested in him they all are, ad how much they genuinely care about him, which is just awesome! Planning has already started for his transition to the next year group after the summer holidays, but no problems are expected because he’s made so much progress over the last year 🙂
The only downside to it all for me is the insistence on “happy families” being played, and the fact that it’s clear a very particular image has been painted by someone, and the falseness with which they play that role. I noticed that a comment I raised in the last meeting had been falsely attributed to the wrong person, but knew it would just come across as sour grapes if I brought it up. Still I endured the saccharine like over sweetness that the royal “we” was frequently used. I tend to stick to the salient points, and like to bring up important facts.
Due to this meeting I didn’t get my bonus time with Aiden, as after the meeting he waited for Paige to finish school as I went home. Still despite this he was in fine spirits.
The other nice thing that the school mentioned (again) was how great all of the there children in Aiden’s class are with him. A particular example was raised about an outdoor group activity they all did yesterday in small teams. Aiden was determined to do all of the activities (which were like a race), ad he managed them all, however that meant his team finished last, but all of the children just gave him loads of support ad cheered him on – proper eye welling up stuff 😉

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,