Once again there’s the sound of little snores coming from close by. However our walk home from school certainly didn’t get off to the most auspicious of starts.
Aiden was fine when he came out of school, so we then went round to collect Paige. She was clearly upset and was bordering on tears. So once I’d got all of their school bags (there’s always a lot to bring home on a Friday) stowed upon my mule like personage we set off and I asked Paige what was wrong.
That’s when the tears started, apparently it all stems from the fact that one of her friends was having a birthday party this evening. I hadn’t seen any invite so it was fresh news to me. Paige informed me that she wasn’t going, the reasons were unclear, something about not being able to get there in time. Again I hadn’t been furnished with any information about this whatsoever, so quite how this conclusion had been arrived at is beyond me. She also said that another of her “friends” (the one I’ve mentioned on occasion, who just happens to be nothing but a bully), had spent a considerable portion if the day teasing Paige relentlessly because they were going to the party and Paige wasn’t. So by all accounts she seems to have had quite an unpleasant day at school. Clearly I’m less than impressed by the whole situation.
So by this point Paige is in free flow tear mode, which naturally upsets Aiden, so I’m now having to wrangle them through the crowd (no doubt this will get reported back through the informant network – namely those that don’t speak to me, which is amusing because I didn’t orchestrate the situation that caused it!).
Eventually Paige and Aiden both lighten up and we have a pleasant walk home, there was only upset for about a quarter of the journey in the end. During the later part of the trip back, Paige admonished Aiden for using a naughty word (I didn’t actually register it, although it wasn’t one of the really bad ones, so not a swear word per se). Paige then proceeded to tell me that Aiden had been watching what she called “inappropriate” videos on YouTube via his IPad. Now from what I can gather they were just Minecraft videos, but videos with very adult language in. I asked Paige if anyone had been keeping an eye on what he was watching (when with me, partly due to a complete lack of their own IPads, we all watch YouTube together, and I make sure they are perfectly safe). Paige’s response was that the person that should have been monitoring it “was too busy”.
Now I know you’re a bright bunch so you can figure all this out for yourselves, without me drawing a clear map, I think I’ve kept it ambiguous enough though. In fact I know there’s 1 regular reader that has even predicted this, which is impressive. So therefore today has been a but of a struggle, much of which is completely out of my control, so I’ll just make sure we have the usual fun adventures together this weekend.

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,