We’ve had a great together, we were all up and awake at around 07-30, and at weekends I usually allow a slow start to the day. However weather wise it was a brilliant morning and I wanted to make sure we got outside while we could, so we were out adventuring by 09-15. Well that is a pretty quick turnaround for us πŸ™‚
I took us off for a fairly lengthy walk (almost to school), and we took one if the exciting off road routes, well it was along many footpaths and alleyways anyway.
I even managed to grab a few photo’s including some pretentious artsy ones which could be said to highlight the juxtaposition between unbound youth and decaying urban industry……… In other words I got them both to stand still as we went past the old abandoned brewery buildings πŸ™‚
Our eventual destination was a park that we had visited previously (where Aiden came off the roundabout), as I noticed some more building work being carried there the other day, so I thought we could investigate.
Turns out we investigates a little too closely, as we ended up behind the builders safety fencing, however not through any fault of our own. We entered the park via a little known but legitimate side entrance, which hadn’t been incorporated into the fencing off. Still we had a wander round before finding a route back to the area of the park that’s still available for use πŸ˜‰
After a considerable amount of time playing there I took the little off again, and we went to the very lovely fruit and veg shop. I did need a little something, but I also knew that once there Paige would want some strawberries, and yep she did, so I obliged.
Unfortunately as I was paying at the counter, Aiden made a bid for freedom and ran out of the shop and down the street a little way. I went I to full panic mode and dropped everything (money and wallet included) ad caught him. He hadn’t got very far, but it’s a very busy road, so I was properly stressed out, it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all, luckily the shop owners are really nice (and I should point out that the shop was packed with customers – in fact Aiden said that’s why he took off, because it was too crowded for him), so no harm done, other than minor heart palpitations for me as well a severe debt to my pride 😦
By the time we got back to the hovel it was lunchtime, so we ate and then I let them watch and play Minecraft for the afternoon. I proceeded to cook up a curry for Paige and myself, and this evening we all settled down to watch Star Wars episode 1 together. I made it clear that this wasn’t the proper Star Wars, but they are both already big fans of the real films πŸ˜‰
The day didn’t end quite so well for me though, now it’s either a strawberry milkshake (that I brought for Paige and she subsequently didn’t want), or some cucumber I had on my lunch (as I had a craving for cucumber, ham & salad cream), but something has upset my pathetic digestive system. Fortunately it’s not a Gluten upset as there is no sign if any blood and the pain isn’t in situ. However there is a great deal of bloating, an intense bubbling/burbling and many trips to the bathroom. Hopefully it’ll pass quickly :-/
Now time for way too many pictures πŸ˜‰

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,