I’ll be honest, I don’t really feel like writing a blog entry tonight, the day has been ok, but the evening was pretty nightmarish. Safe to say I earned my autism stripes again today, and it was a nice reminder of how quickly things can escalate.
So I collect the little ones from school, ad checked with Aiden’s Teaching Assistant how things had gone (what with the disruption of a bank holiday). Apparently Aiden had been really good at school all day, he was even bringing a sunflower shoot in a pot home with him to grow (whilst it’s still pot bound I’ve put it in the window sill, will have to find a suitable home for it later though). Paige was in high spirits when I met her, despite the fact that fell over at school earlier in the day and had both knees festooned with plasters.
Things went awry once we started our journey home though. We had been offered a lift home with Paige’s friend that lives round the corner, which was nice an is a regular occurrence for us now. All the children were buckled into the back seats, with Aiden in the middle (due to his propensity for opening car doors as they are moving). The car just starts moving when chaos erupts in the back. It turns out that for reasons unknown (something about doing karate, from what I later gathered) Aiden has kicked Paige’s (& his I should point out) friend in the face, well the eye to be more exact.
Obviously we stopped the car to check everyone was ok, ad of course there’s still chaos and many tears, half of which are coming from Aiden.
It appears no major damage has been done, I apologise profusely, and try to calm Aiden while we set off again. Unfortunately all of the upset tips Aiden into a full blown meltdown. This is not good as he’s in a car between 2 girls, so I’m trying desperately to control the situation for the short 5-10 minute drive.
Eventually we reach our destination, and normally at this point all the kids go off and play together for an hour or so. Sadly I’m still managing a meltdown, so we have to say a hasty goodbye, as I figured I’d rather try and ride it out in familiar surroundings without worrying about the impact. This puts us well and truly in the downward spiral as the fact that we aren’t going to play for a bit like we usually do further compounds out ongoing meltdown.
Anyway we get safely into the Hovel and I begin the usual destractions, the ace card up my sleeve was that I still had the tent set up with Aiden’s “nest” which helped a lot! So things start to get back in an even keel, I should also point out that Aiden called me lots of nasty things during the meltdown, which could be indicative of the inappropriate video clips he had been watching recently, but I largely ignored his diatribe, hoping to eventually get through to him with our usual ploys.
Well calm did finally settle and I was able to sort out some tea for everyone, and then we all sat down to watch the usual StampyLongnose Minecraft videos together. Things were going well, and we all got ready to do the usual reading homework together, that’s when things turned bad again, as Aiden’s reading book wasn’t anywhere in his school bags, this immediately caused a reversion straight back into the meltdown. Again to be brutally honest, it’s been a really tough ride tonight, now they are both sleeping happily and of course calm settle in again :-/
I did ask Paige if Aiden had slept on last night, and she did say he was awake for a while with nightmares, so maybe that has contributed, although I wouldn’t have thought he’d have had such a good day at school otherwise. I’m putting this one down largely to the horrific vagaries of autism, I guess you just have to be on the lookout for when things escalate into horror so quickly and ride it out as best as you can, although that doesn’t make me feel any better 😦

Odi et amo………..Excrucior

Stay Slinky People,